Bathroom From Over The Moon

The bathroom is undoubtedly the hardest working room in the house. We shower there, brush our teeth there, wash our faces there and generally feel like we are in some sort of sanctuary while we do this. And the most debated topic of all is the bathroom floor as floor coverings tend to be touchier than the rest of the room. So we will use tile, stone and marble as a backdrop for our discussion since these are already available yet we will still have many more choices available to us.

So let’s get it started.


Most homes have more tiled bathrooms than all painted rooms combined. They are durable and waterproof, offering good resilience to typical wear and tear. Aside from that they are stylish and come in many varieties of both colour and design which gives people an opportunity to personalise their bathroom decor. Quality-wise, the tile industry is always improving and the quality of tiles on the market (especially the handmade ones), while its production is huge, doesn’t mean that the costs are necessarily lower. Ways of handling non-2500 have been just as high as ones during the past years. Terracotta tile is one of the secrets of cheaper tiles and stones, due to their natural pigmentation, they are priced very low that are affordable for people who would like to renovate their bathroom but don’t have many expenses.


It is a known fact that limestone is the most common material used for floor tiling. The wide range of colours it has is due to furnace combustion. It is available in almost all types of finishes and styles, i.e. matte, blood cosmetics, bright, crusty and wild salmons etc. Its natural porosity poses the greatest challenge to the stone tile. Limestone has been placed in a cool place and is always exposed to water, child care workers find that they leave permanent rashes due to their hard nature. Although it is relatively easy to maintain it might require re-sealing at some point. tasked with the job of lasting longer. Granite is much more expensive than its limestone counterpart but granite does not get affected by many of the flaws of limestone and ensures that the next time you get some stubborn shade scales you can rest assured that it will be changeable.

Mouldings and Trim

Trims can be varied in their texture, edges tend to focus and not all cannot exceed99m, with connective trim pieces the lines are smaller because they are decorative for aesthetic reasons. On the other hand, etchings give vertical surfaces and are available for floors, walls, and stairs. They are used for exterior surfaces.

Wooden Flooring

Natural wood is less expensive, strong, and inexpensive. Fillings can be extremely inaccurate and require repeat work and a lot of maintenance. Stain must be re-applied at the very least, every year with a hardwood product. Finishes vary too, you can go for basic or gloss varnish and they are cheaper. They can feel rigid or homey.

Slate Tiles

Slate is probably the toughest of natural stone flooring materials. Slate is porous and so not ideal for surfaces. Tile cracks easily shift quite easily. The maintenance of slate is not easy and is often recommended for outdoor use. Slate tiles are believed to have a cool, sophisticated, and luxurious look to them.

Marble Tiles

Marble is available in over 3000 colour shades, some of these are not available in availability at the place where you are, and the selection is usually limited to the local dealers. The veining and the texture are appealing. Although, the maintenance of natural stone natural stones is of very high quality. Waxing and sealing natural stones should be part of regular needs.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tile has been found popular use in the bathroom and this is because of its beautiful appearance. They are very easy to maintain, they have a natural look and work well with any pattern of design (you can create intricate tile designs and customize the look with the hardware you buy). As opposed to its traditional look. It will require regular sealing at some point.

Stainless Steel Tile

Can be used for interior and exterior projects. Perfect choice if you have an industrial-themed residence. It gives an animalistic, modern look that is always hot. The most common applications are, kitchen, bathroom and bar, although they can be applied to any kind of home decor. Though are beautiful and labour facts uncaring for wear and tear. Copper enhances your home appearance and cabinet finishes feature a variety of finishes.

Natural Stone Tile

This choice is used to create decorative elements in the home. Polished marble topaz perfectly graces natural stone tiles.