self storage

Relying on Your Self Storage Company

If you’re moving house and find you’ve filled your storage unit in years past, or perhaps your business is in need of extra space for seasonal items such as robots or furniture, then you’ll want to know how portable self-storage can be useful to anyone.

A self-storage unit allows you to safely store your possessions in a secure and dry environment with 24-hour CCTV and secure fencing all of which ensures that your possessions are as safe as they can be when they are at the facility.

Some storage companies will actually rent your storage unit, especially those located far from your home or business which have their own facilities. These companies survive on their soaring sales as more people require their services.

If you are moving house, you’ll know how Lucky it’s extremely convenient to have your possessions taken from your home to your new location with you. Before you decide on having a storage unit you’ll need to estimate the size you need (for items such as furniture) and the size of the unit you require.

central HeatingBeing freeze proof is across the board; however, it may be impossible to actually move in winter without central heating. Many people find that there is no alternative to central heating in a location that experiences significant freezing conditions.

Some trade people might be able to manage with central heating but it’s not recommended for the general public as they don’t have the experience or knowledge to ensure your home is safe.

Advantages of Self Storage

One of the biggest advantages of using a storage or self-storage company is that they will sell you the unit for an extremely reasonable price. This means they’re likely to be cheaper than some of the local companies, particularly if they have storage areas closer to your home or business, but you’ll have more storage space to store your goods yourself with your own private storage unit.

You do require to pay a deposit, however, you’ll be paying for your self-storage unit will be going on for a long time. Check with your self-storage company to make sure this is the case; some will have a clause about how long they require the unit and how much they can compensate for the monthly rental fee.

Security is another important consideration when using a storage company. Many storage companies are at or near a location with CCTV and they are regularly checked and monitored to ensure the safety of your self-storage unit.

Recruiting a Self Storage Company

Although it might sound like an easy option, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when contracting your self-storage unit.

  • If you’re moving house use a site to see if you can get approved and if you need planning permission.
  • Insurance can also be important if you are storing anything that might be worth keeping or of value; for example, if you are storing a classic car then you don’t want it in the summer months!
  • Check any duration for your storage unit i.e. how long are the locksmiths and tradespeople available.
  • Depending on the storage you are considering don’t forget to also check with the site regarding access and regulations for car storage, and whether your car can be insured within the storage area.
  • The price of a self-storage unit can vary from as little as £5 per square ft to up to £12 per square ft, so you’ll want to take down the details of what you’ll be storing and what your storage will cost you.

You’ll also need to allow another person to place your possessions through packing access usually the same day or the next day, and you may need a van to place your possessions on the storage site at the time you go down to secure them. Also, consider public transport if available.

  • Check with your self-storage company whether they offer insurance
  • You may need a public access vehicle for when you drive or delivery van access when making the delivery; hence take your photographs and details of your possessions and their goods that will be going into storage
  • Insurance can be expensive
  • Weather conditions can be the most unusual factor to contend with your storage
  • Security can also be a concern with secure gates and cameras alongside surveillance cameras
  • Make sure you will be able to get hold of them if you need to check or look them over once they’re there
  • Find a reputable company using trade bodies such as the Self Storage Association when using storage in your area, and also the Maryland Self Storage Association

An established storage company will be able to recommend adequate locks and other security measures to ensure both your possessions and your home or business is protected.