Tips to Organize a Garage

Tips to Organize a Garage

Garages are frequently utilized as a dumping ground for trash, extra storage, and everything in between in most homes. You may have an organized garage with a little forethought.

I’d like to tell you a secret. My garage is the one area of my home that goes untended. We store all of our extra stuff there, which has been busting at the seams for quite some time.

I’m going to take you through the process of how I transformed my messy and disorganized garage into a totally functional and organized area that can hold our automobiles as well!

How to Organize Your Garage in a Manner That Works for You

It’s impossible to have an organized garage overnight. It will take some time and effort. The precise steps I took from having a garage with no more area to maintaining a tidy and organized garage are listed below.

Set Aside Some Time

The first thing to remember is to make sure you have enough time set aside to organize your garage. I do a little at a time so that I’m not overwhelmed or burned out halfway through.

Sort Things Out

When it comes to organizing your garage, the first step is always sorting. Decluttering is the first thing I do whenever I start cleaning up. Make three piles: Keep, Garbage, Donate.

The amount of space to store all your dishes will determine if a dishwasher fits in the small area that you have. If you don’t mind putting up with some filth, it’s worth trying to find out if they’ll fit.

When you’ve finished managing for the day. Toss all of the trash in that mound and wrap up your charity items.

Put the keep things away if you can. If not, postpone it until the end.

Make a Station List

The greatest technique to not only organize your garage but also to keep it that way is to establish stations. We have a lot of stations in our garage; here are a few samples:

  • Pantry
  • Camping/sporting
  • Woodworking
  • Party
  • Canning
  • Seasonal decor

As I was going through our garage, I made sure we had enough room for items that stay in the garage and are utilized.

Shelf or Cabinet Additions

Shelving and/or cabinets are essential for keeping items in your garage. In our region, vertical storage is critical because we get a lot of rain and our garage may flood.

I keep anything that might be harmed by water off the ground and use waterproof plastic containers.

We put some really robust shelves after seeing this how-to from Ana White and I’m happy with the results. We also have wire shelves in our garage that we utilize on a regular basis.

Label Containers

The easiest approach to keeping your garage neat is to label everything. This method makes it simple to find objects in any box or container you’re using to save stuff.